This website is a partner to the RAF Beach Units website that has been established since 2007. Although there was a link between them, R.A.F. Beach Balloon Units were separate from the R.A.F. Beach Units, stemming from a different branch of the R.A.F. and having a different role to perform. This site should further clarify that distinction and provide more information about the Beach Balloon Units.

The history of RAF Balloon Command and barrage balloon units in general is covered elsewhere (notably at the Balloon Barrage Reunion Club Website). This site aims only to cover some of the history of balloon units involved in amphibious assault landings.

This is a ‘not for profit’ website. I have published the material for the purpose of historical record, to share knowledge and to remember those who served in these units. I am motivated only by my interest in the subject and the satisfaction of providing a service to other people who are interested. I do not mean to infringe the rights of any individual or organisation, or offend anyone’s sensibilities. I hope I have avoided doing so.

Mike Fenton